Crying Horse

Man walks into a bar and sits down. Next to him their is a jar full of money with a note, " Make the horse laugh and you get all of the money in the jar." So the man heads for the horse in the empty room of the bar. The man whispers in the horses ear and the horse laughs.
Next night the man comes back. Same horse is standing in the corner. Same jar except with a new note, "Make the horse cry and win all the cash in the jar. cost 15$" So the man walks up the horse and them closes the door. After about 5 seconds he comes out of the empty room and the horse crying. He takes the money then leaves. Comes back the next night. Bartender working all three nights finally asks the guy "How did you make the horse laugh?" Guy says, "Told em' my penis was bigger then his." Bartender says, "Oh well that is pretty funny. Well them how did you make em cry?" Guy says, " I showed em."
Uploaded 04/08/2008
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