No Hands

A man and a stranger with bandages on his hands walk into a restaurant bathroom.

Stranger: Hey man, can you do me a huge favor.
Man: Sure, what do u need.
Stranger: These bandages on my hands make it hard to unzip my pants, can u help me?
Man: ..Uhhh, sure

The Man helps the stranger with his fly.

Stranger: I'm sorry to bother you again, but, can you help me out?
Man: What now? I already unzipped your pants....
Stranger: These bandages make it hard for me to hold my dick, can you help me?
Man: No way... thats sick.
Stranger: Awww come on, I really need to go...

After thinking about how bad the poor guy must need to go to ask a stranger to hold his dick, the man decides to help him. Holding the stranger's dick, the stranger goes to the bathroom. A short while after, the two finish and wash their hands.

Man: So what did u do to your hands?
Stranger: Nothing really, I just have herpes and hate holding my package.
Uploaded 04/29/2008
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Tags: herpes


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