Nuh UH!

So a cowboy walks into a bar,leaves his horse outside, and has a beer. .The Bartender says, Hey,tell you what, I'm kinda bored so I'll make a deal with ya. Cowboy says, Oh? the bartender says, I'll bet you a million in cash you can't go out there and make that horse laugh! Cowboy says, Um..ok just lemmi go out there for a sec. Couple minutes later he comes back is laughin..cowboys laughin...Bartender is like wtf?So the bartender is like, Ok..Ok...heres the cash, BUT ill give you the bar ifyou can go out there and make that horse CRY! Cowboy says, Sure just gimmi a sec. And so he goes out and a couple minutes later he comes back in laughin, but this time the horse was crying! So the bartender says, Goddamnit, 'fore I give you the bar, TELL ME HOW YOU MADE THE HORSE TO LAUGH! Cowboy says, Simple.I just told him that my cock was bigger this his. Oh.said the bartender, SO HOW'D YOU MAKE HIM CRY!? Cowboy said chucklin, I show'd it to him.
Uploaded 05/03/2008
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