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The Whore House Pt2

So the same guy walks into the whore house and starts talkin to the lil old asian lady again and says Hey lady today im feeling good , gimmi the hottest bitch you got today. The lil old lady says....oooooooHhhhHH you want go you 213.go. So he takes the key and hauls ass over to her. When he opens the door, he sees the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on...every mans dream, biggest tits, the whole 9 yards..just layin there waitin for him....he obviously wastes no time and starts pounding the shit out of her aswell, "Oh shit this is fuckin awesome damn damn oh yaaaa!!" All of the sudden white shit starts comin out of her eyes and ears and mouth, just seeping out,Hes like holly shit wtf he jumps off and its still comin out of both ends.He runs out of the W.H. with his pants down screamin...The old lady looks in and yells out...AH DEAD LADY IN 213 FULL AGAIN CLEAN TIME
WaRp Uploaded 05/03/2008
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