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Little Shits

A kindergarten teacher has decided that her mission in life is to eradicate baby talk and get the kids to use “Big People Words”. One day at Show-and-Tell, the children are talking about their weekends.

“I went to the park and rode on the choo-choo.”

She responds, “No, Michael. You rode on the train. Remember your Big People Words.”

“Mommy took me to the park to feed the duckies.”

The teacher notes, “Big People Words, Rosanna. Mommy took you to feed the ducks.”

Little Amelia is next. “Mommy and Daddy and me went to visit Nana.”

“You mean your grandmother. We use Big People Words in this class, remember?”

Brave young Eric decides to test his luck.

“I read a book this weekend, Ms. Jones!”

“You did? Good for you! What book did you read, then?”

So far, so good. Eric frowns, considering his words carefully.

“The book was called … Winnie the Shit!”
samwing Uploaded 05/08/2008
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