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Hillary Clinton and the seven dwarfs

One morning the seven dwarfs headed to work at the mine, while snow white stayed home and prepared lunch. Just before noon she arrived with sandwiches, only to learn that there had been a terrible cave-in. Fearing the worst, Snow White, began calling out, hoping that some of the dwarfs had survived. 'Hello? Hello?" She hollered. "Can anyone hear me? Hello?". For quite a while there was no answer. Getting desperate, Snow White tried again. "Hello . Is anyone down there?"
Just as she was giving up all hope, a faint voice came from deep within the mine. Someone was going, "Vote for Hillary! Vote for Hillary!"

Totally relieved Snow White wiped a tear from her eye and screamed ecstatically, "Thank god, Dopey is still alive!"
mns247365 Uploaded 05/20/2008
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