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the polar bear club

a man wanted to join an exclusive polar bear club, so he wnt to alaska. upon arriving at the club house, he went to the bar and asked "how do i get in the club?"

the bartender said "there are three tests. 1: you have to down this gallon of whiskey."

the man swiped it out of his hand and chugged vigoruosly.

" #2: you have to go out and kill a polar bear with your bare hands.
and #3: you have to rape a little eskimo girl."

so the the man took off out the door. one day passed, then another, then a week. no word was heard from the man again.

till about a month later. the door to the bar swung open, and the man drug himself in, he was torn to pieces, skin hanging off his bones, torn flesh, just horrible. he crawls up to the bartender and asks,
" ok, now, where is this little eskimo girl i gotta kill?"
hammerhead5000 Uploaded 05/21/2008
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