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Joe, Bob and Jim in Hell

Joe, Bob and Jim all die in a plane crash and go to hell. The devil tells them "While you're here you can do whatever you like as long as you don't let your sexual urges get the best of you. For if you do, I will pair you with the ugliest person for all of eternity"

The next day Bob sees Joe sitting on a bench next to this she-male looking chick and says "Oh man... What happend? Couldn't keep your hands to yourself?" Joe turns away in shame.

The day after Jim sees Bob with a chick that could have been mistaken for a gurilla with a horses face. Jim says "HA! Sorry you couldn't last buddy."

The next day Bob and Joe notice Jim with a supermodel looking chick and say "WHAT!? She's gotta have a penis or something" so they approach jim and ask him "What's the deal? How did this happen?" and the chick responds "I touched some guy's ass and got paired up with Jim here"
jimmysamurai Uploaded 05/22/2008
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