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Freudian Slip

Two guys are sitting in a bar having a beer.
One guy asked the other a question, " Have you ever meant to say 1 thing and then instead something really embarrassing came out instead?"
The 2nd responds, "Ya, like a Freudian slip right? Like this one time I was at the airport buying a plane ticket. The lady at the ticket counter had a really large chest, and instead of asking her if I could buy a ticket to Pittsburgh, I asked her, 'Can I please buy a picket to Tittsburgh?'"

The 1st guy says, "Exactly. I only ask because the other day I had the biggest Freudian slip. During Thanksgiving day supper, with my wife, kids and our extended families, I blew it. With over 20 family members sitting at the table, I looked over at my wife, and instead of saying, 'Hey honey, can you pass the salt & pepper?, I said, 'Hey you BITCH! You ruined my life.'"
marqblink Uploaded 05/22/2008
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