Mike Tyson

one day, Mike Tyson adn the reverend Jesse Jackson were at the vatican going to meet the pope. When they first got there, Jesse Jackson noticed that Mike Tyson's hat was cracked to the side. Jackson told him "Mike, we're here to meet the pope, have some respect, take your hat off." to which Mike Tyson replied "I'm, Mike Tyson, heavyweight champion of the world, i do what i want." Jesse Jackson just gave in and let it go. a little later, Tyson was eating some peanuts and spitting the shells all over the ground. Jesse Jackson noticed this and said "Mike, we're here to meet the pope, have some respect, quit spitting shells everywhere." Mike Tyson had the same reply as before, so Jesse just let it go. Suddenly, Jesse Jackson needed to make a phone call. He told Mike to stay put while he went to a phone booth. while at the phone booth, he noticed the pope walk up and bless Mike Tyson (up, down, left, right) with his hand. In excitement, Jesse ran over to Mike a
Uploaded 05/23/2008
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