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Dont You Hate It When


You've been standing in a grocery store line-up for at least 10 minutes, you're next in line and a cashier opens up a line. Inevitably, all the people in the line behind you run over to the new line and get served before you do.

The boss calls you on his speakerphone.

You buy a new pair of shoes that fit perfectly in the shoe store but start to rub and cause blisters on your feet the moment you actually start wearing them.

Someone 90 years old is doing 30 mph on the expressway in the passing lane.
You ride there tail and they can't see you. You blast your horn and they can't hear you.

What's worse than a cold toilet seat? A warm toilet seat. There's only one way short of magic it could have gotten warm. At first, you're almost thankful it's warm, then you get to thinking... this is the result of another person's ass-warmth.
ebaum Uploaded 09/27/2006
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