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A girl lives in the country. She owns a cow ranch and needs a bull to help reproduce the cows. She goes into town with $500 to buy a bull. A guy sells the girl a bull for $499. The girl only has a small and needs to send a telegram to her sister to tell her to come get the bull with her trailer. She goes into the telegram center and discovers that it is $1 a word to send a telegram. She only has $1 left. So, after giving it some thought she comes up with the word to send to her sister. She tells the telegram operator to send the word comfortable. The guy asks how comfortable is going to tell her sister to come get the bull. The girl says, "Well, my sister is blonde and will read the word slowly, com-for-ta-ble(come for the bull)
xbriahhxbitchhx Uploaded 06/11/2008
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Tags: blonde jokes


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