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blond job

A blond wants to get a job while her husband is at work so she decides to start looking all over town. in about two days she find something she thinks might be easy. So she goes to this huge home(about four miles from her house), and she rings the door bell. A man answers the door and and she says that she saw his add in the paper and he gives her the paint and says now paint the porch and come back to me when you finish. she says, "okay", and gets to work. Then the mans wife says, "she does know that the porch goes all the way around the house doesn't she?", and he said" ya of course she does (i hope)."

About twenty minutes later she goes to the house and apperantly she is all done. he said ,"done already" she replied "yep" and as she was walking away counting the money she says" oh you do know thats not a pource it a Lamborghini right?"
seaners272 Uploaded 06/12/2008
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