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Anniversary Gift

A man and his wife had been married for 7 years and he always got her a horrible anniversary gift. She was growing tired of him always bugging her about them.

"Honey, why are you not using the I bought you?"
"Sweetheart, how come you never bothered to use the vaccum that I got you?"
And then he asked her if shes excited for their next anniversary. She always said the same thing. "I can't wait, Dear."

A few weeks passed and the day she had been dreading was only a day away. Her husband had been gone all day with some friends. He had gone to a tattoo parlor.

"Hey how you doin'? What can I do for you today?" asked the artist. "I want a tattoo that says 'I Love You' on my penis." The tattoo artist looks at him in shock. "Why the hell would you want one there?" he asks. "Its for my wifes anniversary present." he says. "I always get her something that she never uses."

The artist shrugs and gets
GeneiRene Uploaded 06/14/2008
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