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Racist Jokes!

Q:What do you call a Black Preist?
A:Holy Shit

Q:Whats faster then a speeding Bullet?
A:A jew with a coupon!

Q:What do you call a Mexican babtisum(SP)
A:Bean dip!!!

Q:What do you call a bus full of black people?
A:A rotten bannana.

Q:Why are Black people always thinkin about sex?
A:They got pubs on there head.

Q:Why is Stevie Wonder so happy?
A:He doesnt know he is Black.

Q:Why are black people getting stronger?
A:Tv's are getting bigger.

Q:How do you get rid of a nigger?
A:Wrap yourself in a white bed sheet.

Q:A black kid [Who is dressed up as a Cigar] and a white kid go Trick or Treating together, the black kid leaves halfway threw it because his dad thought was found murderd.Why did the black kid leave?
A:It wasnt because his dad was murderd, it was because he though his white friend,[Who was dressed as a GHOST]Did it.

Q:what do you call A jumping Nigger?

Q:What do you call a jumping Mexican.
A:Freedom Into The US.

Q:Whats dum
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Its funny : D


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