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Black Jokes!!!!!

1 What do apples and blacks have in common?
a. They both look good hanging from a tree.

2 What do you call a bunch of blacks laying in a pile of leaves?
a. Rasin Bran.!

3 How do you get them out of the leaves?
a. With shakles.

4. Whats the diffrence between Black people and pizzas?
a. Pizza can feed a family of four.

5. How do u make a black man hide?
a. Tell him you found him a job.

6 How do u get him out?
a. With a line of Crack.

7. Why do black grow so tall?
a. Their nig- grows

8. Why are black more sweaty then whites?
a. God made them to be trained for hell because of all the stealing.

9. Why are blacks black?
a. God fell asleep while the stove was on.

10. What does the BFI stand for on a dumpster?
a. Black Family Inside.

Their you go I feel nothing against Other races I was just bored
diablo345 Uploaded 06/15/2008
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