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The Blonde and the Horse

There once was a blonde who had two horses but she couldn’t tell them apart, so she goes to her friend and says,”I have two horses and I just can’t tell them apart.”

The friend suggest that she cut off one’s mane, so the blonde did, but the mane grew back. She goes to her friend and the friend suggest she cut off one of the horses’ tail. The blonde did but the tail grew back too fast. So she finally says to her friend, “I’ve tried all of your suggestions but it just doesn’t work.”

The friend suggests one more thing that she measure them. The blonde went home, got a ruler measured them and went to her friend the next morning, and the blonde tells her friend,”Oh, thank you I can tell them apart!” “How?” asked the friend, and the blonde tells her,”The black horse is taller than the white horse.”
POONTANK Uploaded 06/20/2008
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