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Have a plan B

So this guy has a daughter. Her reputation is the equivalent to a mosquito that won't die, meaning she is the work of the devil. One day she was kidnapped by two bandits. The Father didn't do anything though, knowing what will happen to the bandits.

After about three months of sending the father ransom letters, eventually they wanted to get rid of the girl. The girl would never shut up. She was always wanting one the bandits to give her a piggy back ride, pulling on their hair, normal abuse to the "parent"

The letter was begging the father to take back the girl, and the father wanted double the ransom. The total was ten million dollars. Obviously the bandits couldn't pay ten million, so they waited a year. On the first day of the thirteenth month, both bandits died.

The moral of the story is: Have a plan "B"
morepaincom Uploaded 06/20/2008
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