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Two lawyers

Two lawyers, John and Joseph are golfing together because that is what they have done for years every time they win. They are just finishing the seventh hole and are on the eighth, John is ahead by one stroke. This advantage gets to his head and he hooks it right onto the ninth fairway. John says "Hey, help me look for my ball" so Joseph agrees and they start the search. Now, the search goes on for five minutes when John, realizing that he would surely loose the 50 bucks they had bet because of the four stroke penalty takes a ball out of his pocket and throws it on the ground. He then claims to have found his ball but he before he can take his shot Joseph says "After all these years of us being friends you would cheat me out of 50 bucks!?" "What?" says John "I'm not cheating!!" "And you are lying to also!!" said Joseph "I've been standing on your ball the whole time!"
tmaster Uploaded 06/21/2008
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