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Two brothers

Two brothers, and eight year old and a six year old had just woken up for the day. The eight year old says "we should start swearing today, I'll go first then you go next." The six year old looks at his brother and say's "okay."

When they go down stairs their mom asks them what they want for breakfast, too which the eight year old says "Well mom I guess I'll have some G** D****D coacoa pops!"

Immediately the mom shoots her hand out knocking the eight year old down with a savage slap to his face. He runs upstairs crying like mad.

The mother looks on at the six year old and in a tense voice says "What would you like for breakfast?!" Too which the six year old replies " I don't know but you can bet your F****** A** it won't be coacoa pops!"
luispozo311 Uploaded 06/23/2008
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