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Fat People Exercise

List of the only exercise that sum fat people get.

- move there thumbs in a video game controller
- move there arm to pick up the remote control
- type on the computer writing a myspace that is nothing like you, saying that you are 21 while you reely are 37. Say that you are skinny and sexy while you reely are a fatass and you havnt seen the light of day in a month.
- wraping the wrist guard around your wrist from playing to much World of World Craft.
- Cup your hands around your mouth yelling, " Mom! Wheres my slice of cake, rockstar energy drink, and extra salty Lays potato chips.
-scratch your ass
- wrap your velcro shoes on so you can go outside and get your netflix movies.
- get up and get some microwaveable pizzas because your mom is at the grocery store getting more microwaveable pizzas
HomemadeGrenade Uploaded 06/26/2008
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