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Jewish Donation

A very old Orthodox Jewish man had just won the lottery. He walked to the lottery center to claim his prize, and the woman there asked him if he wanted it split in any certain way.

'Certainly,' said the old Jewish man, 'I want a third in my bank account, a third in my granddaughter's bank account for college, and a third to the German Nazi Party.'

The woman looked surprised, but fulfilled his request. Before he was leaving, she stopped him to inquire about the third deposit.
'Pardon me,' she started, 'but why would you want to give a third of your prize to an oppressive party that enslaved your religion and killed off millions of your people?'

'Because,' the old Jewish man said as he rolled up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo on his arm, 'They gave me the winning numbers.'
mrsteve0412 Uploaded 06/27/2008
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