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fat people.

There was a man who weighed 400 pounds desperate to lose wieght. He saw a sign on a shop saying: quick weight lost in 2 hours for $40. He paid and they led him to a room.
A beautiful girl came out with the sigh "if you can catch me I'm yours!!'. He ran for two hour to catch her but could not. He lost 50 pounds. The next day he though that he was pretty close to the girl and he paid $80 for 4 hours. The same girl came and by the end he could not cacth her.he lost another 100pounds.
On the third day he paid $100 for there extreme solution for 6 hours. He was waiting in the room when the door opened and a 500 pound gorilla came with the sign 'If I catch you, you are mine'!!!!
luispozo311 Uploaded 06/27/2008
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