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Cinderella's Night Out

Cinderella nowadays has become sort of a partier and her fairy godmother does not like it one bit. One night at around 8 p.m., Cinderella was about to leave for the clubs when her godmother stops her. Her godmother says, "I am sick of your partying ways. I want you home by midnight tonight and if you are not home by midnight, I am going to turn your vagina into a pumpkin!" Cinderella agrees to her godmother's demands and hits the clubs.Time goes by...9 o'clock...10 o'clock...11 o'clock...finally midnight. When the clock strikes 12, Cinderella isn't home. Her fairy godmother warned her and turns her vagina into a pumpkin.
More time passes when finally at 7 in the morning, Cinderella comes running into the house. She wraps her arms around her fairy godmother thanking her so much. Her fairy is confused and says, "My child, why are you thanking me?" And Cinderella responded, "Because I just had the best night ever, I ended up being with Peter Peter Pumpkineater
Fight4Right Uploaded 06/29/2008
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