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The Bicycle

Everyone knows that nuns have no fun and get none.

Anyhow, there was a big uproar one afternoon at the convent. Nuns were throwing food at each other, pulling hair and scratching out each other's eyes. It was a full-out riot.

The head mother went to see what the problem was all about.

She approached one of the sisters and quickly learned that the nuns were fighting over the convent's only bicycle.

"I have an easy solution to this problem. I will split the convent into 2 groups - between the nuns on the first and second floors. One week, the nuns on the first floor will get the bike, and the next week the second floor will get the bike. You will continue this process, and if I hear any more bitching around here, I will put that goddamn seat back on it!"
TheCommentator Uploaded 01/06/2008
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