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Black Ladies Flying

Three black ladies were flying in an airplane from O'Hare to JFK. A few minutes after take off the first black lady says to the others, "Today girls, I be wearin' pink panties."

"Why you wearin' pink panties girlfriend?" the other two asked.

"Well, in case dis plane crashes and I land ASS UP in a cornfield somewhere, da rescuers gonna find me first."

The second black lady says, "Well in dat case, I'm wearin' orange panties - cuz ever'body knows dat orange is da sign of caution - so I'll be found first!"

The third black lady says, "Listen up bitches, I ain't wearin' no damn panties."

"Say what girl?" the other two black ladies asked.

"Hellz yeah... I ain't wearin' no panties cuz ever'body knows dat when a plane crashes, da first thing they look for is da BLACK BOX!"
TheCommentator Uploaded 01/06/2008
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