MORE things we learn from video games.

11. It is possible for 1 man to defeat an armada of 50 with a sword and gun with limited amunition.

12. If you are the main character, you are immune from infection zombie bites.

13. Any given zombie or rabid villager will have amunition on them, but no gun.

14. Any foriegn lab or test facility will have clearly readible directions in English.

15. You can survive a number of axes to the face but the enemy's head will literaly explode when shot with the average 9 mm.

16. Anyone without a last name will, 9 times out of 10, end up dead by the 3rd boss.

17. A European country will have 3-5 glorious luxurious cities and 1 run down, diseased, parasite ruled villiage.

18. No matter who is in office, there is allways a "Presidents daughtor".

19. When opposed by any magical tyrant or dictator, a preadolescent 13 year old uneducated boy is an acceptable substatute to take care of the job.

20. Inanimate objects can talk.
Uploaded 07/01/2008
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