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A dwarf gets on an elevator..

One day a dwarf gets on an elevator. As the door starts to close, a hand comes in and stops it. In steps a very large black man. The dwarf stares with astonishment. 'Wow,' he says. 'You're the biggest man I have ever seen!' The man nods. 'I'm 7'4, I weigh 359 pounds, and I have 16 inches,' he says with a nod. 'Turner Brown.' The dwarf faints. After coming to, the dwarf asks the man to repeat himself. 'I said, I'm 7'4, 359 pounds, with 16 inches. My name is Turner Brown.' The dwarf looks relieved and starts laughing. 'What's so funny?' the black man asks. 'For a minute there,' the dwarf explains, 'I thought you said 'Turn Around!'
luispozo311 Uploaded 07/03/2008
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