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Mexican jokes!

Q:What do you call a mexican baptism?
A:Bean Dip

Q:What do you call A hardworking Mexican?
A:Low Pay

Q:There is a bus full of Mexicans, Whos driving?
A:Boarder Patrol.

Q:What do you call a Mexican picking cotton?
A:A niggers job.

Q:What do you get when a nigger, and a beiner have sex?
A:A burnt Bean.

Q:What do you call a black version of George Lopez?
A:Bill Cosby.

Q:What do you call your boss if he is Mexican?

Q:What is a Mexican best at?
A:Anything as long as hes in the sun.

Q:Whats the diffrent between Fat Albert and Carlos Mencia?
A:The Green Card.
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