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Red Shirt

A captain of a pirate ship is overlooking the ocean when he sees another pirate ship coming twards them.
He tells his young assistant

" Hurry go downstairs and get my red shirt"

So he does.

Then the two ships begin to fight, and they won.

The next day they see another ship, and the captain tell his assistant " Hurry go get my red shirt"

so he did

And they fought and won again

Finally the young assistant asks " why is it that every time we go to battle you ask for your red shirt".

The captain replies" So if I get injured in battle the crew wont see and they wont worry about me, they will just keep fighting, i just dont wanna show weekness.

So they assistant was like okay.

The next day the assistant runs up the stairs yelling "captain, captain hurry you've got to see this"

So the Captain runs outside and looks around. And there were 10 pirate ships surrounding them, so the captain yell to the assistant

" hurry, go get my brown pants
mallenwright Uploaded 01/14/2008
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