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Bill and Bob

Bill and Bob really needed some booZe, but they only had the combined amount of 1 dollar.

"hey,i have an idea!" says bob.
"whats that?" says bill
"gimmie the dollar."

so he gives him the dollar and walks into the butcher shop and comes out with a sausage.

"what the fuck are we gonna use this for?!"
"watch, lets go to that bar and get wasted."

so they get bombed and then bill leans over to bob and says:]
" get on your knees and follow my lead."

so he gets on his knees and bill put the sausage in his bly and bob suxx it.

the bartender, seeing it, kicks them out without paying.

this hapens for 9 more bars till bob says

"dude im tto bombed to do it anymore, plus, my knees hurt!"

Bill replies " well how do you think i feel? i lost the sausage at the third bar!!!!!
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