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Dirty Johnny

Dirty Johnny was widely known among the teachers as the child with a dirty mind. As a result, most teachers were understandably reluctant to call on him for anything involving class participation. At times, however, circumstances forced their hand...

The teacher asked the class to come up with a three syllable word and use it in the sentence. She started with her safe choices.

Little Susie raised her hand and said "Beautiful. My teacher is beautiful".

The teacher was happy with the compliment and moved on to little Billy.

"Wonderful. My teacher is wonderful!".

Again, the teacher was pleased with the compliment but was horrified that Johnny was the only one with his hand up.

Johnny began..."Urinate."

The teacher tried to stop him with a surprised "Johnny"!

But she had no sooner gotten his name out of her mouth than he completed his sentence. "Urinate. But if your tits were bigger, you'd be a 10".
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