Little Johnny and the ants

A priest is out for an afternoon stroll and turns the corner and finds little Johnny with a hammer smashing the shit out of a bunch of ants. He’s saying to himself, "I hate these damn ants, hate these damn ants." The priest upset by his language and talks to him, saying that God doesn't make junk. "Tomorrow I will be coming by again and if you can tell me three things that God created that are worthless, then I will let you continue killing the ants."

The next afternoon, the priest is out again for his walk and comes upon little Johnny smashing ants again. The priest reminds him of the agreement that they made saying the boy agreed not to kill any more ants unless he could name three things that God created that are worthless.

Little Johnny looks up with a smile and says, "I do know three things that are totally worthless. The first is a dick on a priest, the second is tits on a nun, and the third are these damn ants!"
Uploaded 07/23/2008
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