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The Barrel And The Recruit

A new Navy recruit is being given a tour of the vessel he shall be manning.. The ships captain is giving the tour: " this is the crew quarters...This is the mess hall", etc, etc.. The new recruit begins to think, and queries the captain: Sir, being that we are away at sea for a long period of time...what happens about sexual needs??" "oh" says the captain, "go to the back of the cargo hold and you will see a barrel with a hole..Give it a go. It'll be the best you ever had!". Bewildered, the recruit goes to the cargo hold and finds the barrel. The recruit has sex with the barrel and returns to the captain. Full of joy, he says, "You're right.. Its the best i ever had. I want to do it every day!" the captain replies, " well you can use it every day...except thursdays" the recruit asks "why not thursdays?" the captain says "Because thursday is your turn in the barrel!"
nikkostirling Uploaded 07/24/2008
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