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The two 5 year olds

there were 2 five year olds. a little white boy and a little black boy. one day the little white boy and little black boy was argueing about what color god was. the white boy said that god was white and the black boy said that god was black. so they decided to climb the tallest tree in the park an ask him. when they got up the little white boy asked "god are you white?" and the black boy asked "god are you black?" then god arose out of the heavens and said "i am what i am!" after that the little white boy said "ha! told you he was white!" the little black boy suprised said "how do you no he only said i am what i am?" the little white boy eplained "well if he was black he would have said i is what i is!"
eyesofblueamh Uploaded 07/26/2008
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