Mack's tale of woe

The sergeant asked a new recruit for his name, to which he replied, "Mack." The sergeant said, "Sorry, I need your full name." The recruit replied, "That is my name."

The sergeant then pointed out that everyone had a Christian name and a surname. The recruit replied, "I was christened John Thomas McDangle originally, but now I'm known simply as Mack."

The sergeant is a little curious and asks for an explanation.

"Well, I left school at 16 and, because I was extremely bright, was admitted to medical school. I qualified before I was 21, thus becoming John Thomas McDangle, MD. But most people considered me too young to practise medicine, so I decided to do further study. I chose theology.

"On completion of these studies I became John Thomas McDangle, MD, DD. Then, unfortunately I got into a bit of trouble with a lady of ill repute and contracted VD.

"The medical board removed my MD, the church removed my DD, the VD removed my John Thomas. I had nothing left to dangle, so now I am just known as Mack."
Uploaded 12/03/2008
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