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On the Priest's Horse

A man is set to ride out of town on an important business trip and needs a horse. He asks everyone in town if he can use their horse - they say no. Finally, he asks the priest.
The priest says, 'Ok. I suppose you can,' he suddenly looks straight at the man and says sternly, 'But I must warn you it is no ordinary horse. To make it run you must say 'Thank God for that' and to make it stop you must say 'Praise the Lord'. You got that?'
The man nods and thanks the priest. He mounts the horse and says 'Thank God for that'.
While riding, he realises that he is coming to a huge parting in a cliff that the horse can't jump. The man starts yelling 'STOP! STOP! PRAISE THE LORD!'. The horse stops so he wipes his forehead in relief and says, 'Thank God for that!'.
7FootMonster Uploaded 12/03/2008
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