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bush on airforce One

George Bush, Dick Chaney, and Condoleezza Rice are all flying in Air Force One over the US when Rice gets an idea. She pulls out a hundred dollar bill and says.
"You know, i could throw this out of the plane and make one american very happy"
Chaney then adds "You know, i could throw 5 $20 dollar bills out and make 5 americans really happy."
Bush, not wanting to be outdone says "I can take 100 $1 dollar bills and throw them out and make 100 americans very happy.
Meanwhile the pilot and copilot are listening in. The pilot says to the copilot, " Can you believe these three assholes? all I need to do is go back there, throw all three of them off the plane and I would be making 100 million americans very happy".
DarkViper47 Uploaded 12/05/2008
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