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Ms. Smith, a cute 1st grade teacher, was teaching her students math when she posed the following question:

"There are 3 birds sittin on a branch, the farmer comes along and shoots one down, how many are left?"

After a minute little Johnny raises his hand and answers "There are no birds left Ms. Smith."

Puzzled, she wondered how Johnny got that answer, so she asked and Johnny answered:
"Well there were three birds, and the other 2 birds aren't stupid, when the farmer shot the 3rd bird, the other 2 flew away. You have no birds left."

Ms. Smith smiled and said "well Johnny 2 is the correct answer, BUT I LIKE THE WAY YOU'RE THINKING."

"I have a question for you Ms. Smith", said little Johnny. "There are three women sitting on a park bench eating ice cream cones: one is LICKING the ice cream cone, one is BITING the ice cream cone and one is SUCKING on the ice cream cone....Which one is married?"

Ms. Smith blushed as she thought and answered, "Gosh Johnny, I would have to say the one SUCKING on the ice cream cone."

Johnny smiled big as he answered, "Nope! Its the one with the wedding ring, BUT I LIKE THE WAY YOU'RE THINKIN!"
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