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the only wish a genie can not grant

a man is walking along the beach and comes across a bottle, so he picks it up and brushes the sand off of it.
smoke starts spewing out of the bottle and out pops a genie.
the genie tells the man he may have one wish, anything he wants.
after some careful thought the man tells the genie that he would like a bridge that goes from the beach all the way to hawaii.
the genie tells the man that this would be impossible because it would take too much concrete, steel, and manpower,it would take years to build a bridge of this size and it just couldnt be done. then asks the man to think of another wish.
the man thinks long and hard for a moment and then tells the genie that he would like to understand women.
the genie thinks for a moment then replies:
:one lane or two?
swifttallon Uploaded 12/08/2008
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