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Net Moses

Net Moses
Introducing the first Net Browser software designed for CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISTS.

Net Moses is a filtering software designed especially for Born Again Christians and Christian Fundamentalists.

Net Moses acts as a overlay over your current browser, to block out materials that are immoral or those that do not glorify the Lord. By prohibiting access to a particular web page or newsgroup Net Moses can assure that you will not be drawn to the wickedness of the flesh. Using a special Artificial Design search engine, Net Moses blocks out anything relating to Sex, Promiscuity, Idols, Alcohol, Tobacco, Non Anglo- Saxon Religions, Rock Music, Cross dressing, Joking, Chanukah, Flirting, Laughing, Dancing, Having Fun, plus thousands of others. (That gives you over hundred pages on the Internet to choose from!)

So you can surf the Web without the fear of going to Hell.

Plus Net Moses has other great features, like 'Sabbath Encryption'. By keeping track of the date, Net Moses prohibits you from using your computer on a Sabbath, so you can be sure that none of God's Holy laws are broken.

And also a unique 'Spam Flaming' option. If Net Moses comes across a particular questionable post in any of the sexual oriented newsgroups it automatically responds with a stock Flame. Chooses from over 25 different Flames.

Here is an example.

You can pick something loving.

"Jesus Loves Perverts too"
"God made Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve"
"Jesus Died on the Cross for even a low life like you"

Or downright scary.


Stay tuned for the 'Pope' version of Net Moses which will let you Spam Flame in over 18 languages, and 'Pope Light' for 8 languages.

Yes Net Moses makes it all possible, for a love gift of $54.99. Order yours today.

System Requirements:
80386 or higher, Windows 3.1 or 95, 5MB of Disk Space, 2MB Ram (4MB recommended), VGA or Higher.
(Mac ver. available soon)

"It's like giving Jesus a SLIP/PPP connection" Rev James Robinson
OnST Uploaded 12/11/2008
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