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A wager between cowboys

Two cowboys are sitting around a fire on a cool autumn night when one turns to the other and says "Hey padre, I bet you $50 I can make my horse laugh."

"Heh, sure!" Says his friend, certain that he will fail.

They shake hands and he walks over to the horse. After a moment the horse starts laughing. The cowboy returns to the fire to his friend who is amazed at the sight of a laughing horse. "I bet you I can make my horse cry," he says, "double-or-nothin?"

"You're on!" Says his friend sure that his friend was just lucky the first time.

They shake hands, the cowboy walks over to the horse and after a moment the horse starts crying. He then returns to the fire and collects his $100.

"How in Sam Hill did you pull that one off, partner?" asks his friend in bewilderment.

"Well," he says with a smile, "the first time I went over and told him I had a bigger penis then him. The second time I proved it."
Papachabre Uploaded 12/18/2008
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