Genie of the Lamp

One day a quite poor couple were playing golf on a free golf course when the wife smashes a window which looked like it belonged to a rich family.The poor couple go along to see how much how much the window is going to cost.When they get to the house the door swings open and they walk in.A man is sitting on a chair looking at a vase that has been smashed and they say we are terribly sorry for us smashing the window,and the vase."Don’t be,I am a genie and was in the vase for 10’000 years"."I will give you a wish each and give myself one","that is fair" said the husband."I’ll have £1’000’000" said the husband."I’ll have a mansion with all the expensive butlers".There was a puff of smoke and they got the stuff.The genie said "I’ll have sex with you"and it pointed at the wife.They were having sex all afternoon and they finally came back down the stairs and the genie asked"how old are you two?".The couple said "32"."your that old and you still believe in genies?
Uploaded 12/26/2008
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