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Camel humper

A nun and a priest are going across the desert on a camel when the camel drops dead. They try everything to revive it. They pound on his heart, they give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but the camel is as dead as a doornail.
The nun says to the priest, "Father, we're sure to die out here. Could you please do me a favor, Father? My entire life I've been in the convent, raised from birth to be a nun, and I've never seen what's between a man's legs. Could you help me, Father?"
Well, forget it, the priest can hardly get off his pants over his boner. He finally gets his pants off, and he's got a raging hard-on.
The nun looks, and says, "My God, Father, what's that?"
The priest says "This, my child, is what gives life."
The nun says, "Well, then, why don't you shove it up that camel's ass so we can get the fuck out of here?"
MadAnimal Uploaded 01/07/2009
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