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Two hobos on the tracks

Two homeless men are walking down a set of railroad tracks one day. One turns to the other and says, "I must be the luckiest guy around."
The other says, "why is that?"
The first replies, "a couple weeks ago I was walking on these very tracks and i found a whole bag of booze! Wine and beer everything, and I went over into the bushes there and got drunk for a whole week!"

The second hobo says, " Hey that is pretty lucky, but I have you beat. a couple weeks ago i was walking down these tracks and I found a woman all tied up, lying in the middle. So I untied her and we went over into the bushes and had sex for a whole week!"

The first hobo replies, "Wow! That is lucky! Did you get Oral?"

The second replies, "No..... I couldn't find her head."
korbyn Uploaded 01/10/2009
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