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two genies

a young white man comes across what looks like an old rusted lamp and decides to rub it. two beautiful genies pop out and say in unison "you have 3 wishes and must be made all at once!".

the man quickly made up his mind and *POOF* he wakes up in bed with 100 women in a bedroom full of millions of dollar bills. he is overjoyed when he see's this and soon gets a knock at the door. 2 people dressed up in klu klux klan hoods and robes grab the man, drag him out into the yard, put a rope around his neck and hang him from a tree.

the two beautiful genies take off their KKK hoods and look at eachother.

one genie says : "i can understand why he would want 100 wives"

the other genie says "i can understand why he would want millions of dollars"

but both genies confused say "i just dont know why he wanted to be hung like a black man?!"
Slymee Uploaded 01/14/2009
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