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The Lord is With us

An elderly couple goes for their annual physical. The man is checked out first and the Dr. replies, "Mr. Smith you're in remarkable health for a man your age."

"I'm not surprised," answers Mr. Smith, "I've got the Lord on my side."

"How do you mean," asks the doc, beginning to wonder about senility.

"Well just last night," begins the old guy, "I had to pee in the middle of the night and the Lord turned on the bathroom light for me."

"Did he indeed?" asks the doc, making notes in his pad. "Well that's grand, you can get dressed and send in your wife."

After Mrs. Smith checked out ok, the doctor felt compelled to ask, "Mrs. Smith, has your husband been showing any signs of senility?"

"In what way, doctor, " she asked.

After he repeated the story of the bathroom light, Mrs. Smith shook her head and said, "If that stupid old bastard has pissed in the fridge again, I'm gonna kill him!!"
CollegePics Uploaded 01/26/2009
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