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Farmer Smith invented his new device to help him count his cows in the field quickly. What do you think he called his new invention????????? A cowculator!!! Why did the boy eat his homework? Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake!!! Which bear needs a doeodrant?? Pooh bear! Waiter theres a fly playing football in my soup.... It'll be playing in the cup tommorrow sir!!! Why did mickey mouse go to space.... To find pluto!!! Hows the lad who swallowed the dollar bill.. No change yet I'm afraid!! Theres a man at the door collecting for the old peoples home, shall I give him grandpa!! Theres a man at the door collecting for the swimming pool...... Give him a glass of water!!!! Rabbits can multiply but only snakes can be adders!!! How do you stop moles digging i your garden...... Hide the spades!!!!!!! Where do hamsters come from..... Hamsterdam
rondetto Uploaded 01/31/2009
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