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funny one liners

how come JFK gave up his pro boxing career?
He couldnt take a shot to the head

how did the burger king get dairy queen pregnant?
He forgot to wrap his whopper

what do you do when your wife is staggering?
Shoot her again

whats the difference between acne and a priest?
Acne usually comes on a boys face after he turns twelve

where does the one legged waitress work?

What do you call a guy with no limbs at your doorstep?

at you pool?

in the ocean?

Hanging on your wall?

What do you call an afgani virgin

what do you call a lesbian dinosaur

do you wanna hear a dirty joke?
A kid falls in the mud

wanna hear a clean joke?
he takes a bath with bubbles

here a filthy joke?
bubbles is the janitor

why dont they have TP at KFC
because its Finger lickin' good!

what do you call a gay dinosaur?

where do you find a no legged man?
where you left him

why was the energizer bunny arrested?
he was charged with battery
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