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Freudian Slip

A man was waiting in line to buy a train ticket for himself and his friend. When he was almost to the front of the line, he noticed that the person selling the tickets had a rather nice, large pair of breasts. When it was his turn to buy the tickets, he accidently blurted out "Two pickets for Tittsburg, please!". Feeling embarrased by this accidental slip of the tongue, he quickly apologized over and over to the offended lady behind the ticket window. The man standing behind him witnessed the incident decided to help the poor guy out. "You shouldn't be too worried about what just happened," the man explained, "you simply experienced what is called a Freudian Slip. Just the other day I was having dinner with my wife and I meant to say 'would you please pass me the salt', but what actualy came out was 'you stupid bitch, you ruined my life!'"
Monkey_Lover_88 Uploaded 02/26/2009
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